Hiking Humantay Lake

had a different tour guide this time hiking Humantay Lake with Machu Picchu Reservations. Our Machu Picchu Reservations guide’s name was Jacob and his brother was our driver!

Today’s hiking Humantay Lake tour with Machu Picchu Reservations was only two of us. I don’t know about you but the smaller, the better. Machu Picchu Reservations has a usual 8 person maximum on a group tour so don’t fret.

The day started off at 4 AM, a far cry from 2:30 am for Rainbow Mountain. It was about a two-hour drive to get to the base of the hike which is also the beginning of the Salkantay Trek.

After the two hour drive, we set up camp. When I say camp, Jacob, our driver, and cook all help to set up a tent with a mini stove, breakfast, and lunch is prepared! Breakfast takes an hour or so to prepare and when you walk into the tent, it’s toasty warm and cozy. Breakfast is western-style and pretty simple. It’s the usual crepes, fruit, and tea, or coffee. You’re set off with a bag of snacks though!

After the hike, you are welcomed back into the fold with a hot lunch. As always, the food again was delicious and plentiful. It may have been too much!



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